Here is what some of my previous clients have to say

From my coaching sessions

“We are working with the techniques you explained to us and things seem a lot calmer, happier. The school taster session this morning went well and John has been offered a place. We have 1 more independent school to see and have explained to John why this is happening. We will then give him the choice of which school he likes if he is offered that one too as we like what we have read about it. Also on Monday we will know what state school John has been offered. All very positive. Thank you Priya.”
Mum of John, age 5 years.

“I already see a positive change in Kates’ behaviour towards Ray as he is calmer in his approach. He explains things better. Kate has become a lot more attentive with Ray and more co-operative. Thank you for helping the whole family”
Parent of Kate, age 7 years.

“I have told Maya that we are seeing you on Thursday and her response was that she likes you. She seems very positive and I said that you are there to listen to anything (happy or sad) that you want to tell Priya about, and she replied Priya is my new best friend”
Parent of Maya, age 5 years.

“Imagine repeating the same mistake over and over again during your lifetime without realising it. What would you do and how much would you pay to finally see it and stop making those mistakes? The Experience of a short session with Priya was priceless for me and absolutely overwhelming. Throughout the session, I felt a soft and comforting but firm guidance from Priya. I will strongly recommend everyone who is longing (interested or searching) to experience a journey to true contentment and a happy self to undergo the sessions with Priya.” Inna Batenko FBDO, Professional Manager

From my group sessions

I learnt….“That I am able to change a negative to a positive and I can access my happy place.”

“I really enjoyed the session and feel confident that I have now got the tools to move forward from my stuck place.”

“The session was well received. You have a lovely delivery style that is gentle but
professional. Very well done.”

“Priyas’ ability is reflected in her professionalism, process and positive outcome.”